Why Twitter is better than Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular social media in the world. Do you know what is the difference between these two? Which one do you think is better? I remembered one of my friends give me an interesting explain of the difference between Facebook and Twitter. She said Facebook is used to connect with the person you went to with, however, Twitter is used to connect with the person you wished you can go to school with.

Introduction of Face book and Twitter

Facebook: Facebook is a social networking website that launched in 2004. Now it has more than one billion active users, half of Facebook users on mobile device. The features of Facebook include “Wall”, Fans, Friends, Fan pages, Groups, Live Chat, Likes, Game, etc.

Twitter: twitter is a social media that provide microblogging service launched in 2006. It enables twitter users to send text-based messages. The features of Twitter are Tweet, Retweet, Follow People, Links, Direct Messaging, etc.

So what are the main differences between Facebook and Twitter? As a Facebook and Twitter user, let me talk about the differences that I know between these two popular social medias.   There are three main differences, which are uses, privacy and advertising.

Uses: Facebook users have a variety of purposes using Facebook. It is mainly used for people to connecting with people that they already know. Users also can make a personal profile on their “Wall”. Twitter allows its users to post text under 140 characters. Twitter is mainly used to connect with other people who have the similar interests. No matter the users are know each other already or not, they also can follow celebrities’ Twitters.

Privacy: Facebook provide various selections for its users setting their privacy. Users can change each post privacy setting, such as “custom”, private and friends only. However, Twitter only has two privacy selections. One is public and another one is private. Private messages are only can be showed for the people who followed by the users.

Advertising: Facebook features advertising but Twitter doesn’t.

As both the users of Facebook and Twitters, I prefer use Twitter more than Facebook. Here are some main reasons:


Twitter can help us connect people who have similar interests:

 Twitter is not like Facebook, we don’t need send requests before we want to follow others. You can follow anyone you want and anyone interest you. You can read things that you like. You can follow Barack Obama, Cristiano Ronaldo or any celebrity you want.

Twitter is easier to use than Facebook:

Twitter is viewed complex but it is the simplest social networking site. You only get maximum 140 characters to present what you want to say. You don’t need build your personal profile, you don’t need send requests before you want to follow other people, you don’t need join any special group.

Twitter has hashtags: 

we can see many trending topics by hashtags. We can know what other people are talk about. For me, this is the most engaging part in Twitter’s features. We can follow our interested topics on Twitter.

Twitter makes me a better writer: 

With the maximum 140 characters at our disposal, we have to be smart.

Here is a man  have same ideas with me


Now, teenagers also prefer Twitter as well.The research found that Twitter is more popular than Facebook in teens. The study said that twitter became the most popular social networking for teens, followed by Facebook and Instagram.


The researcher found that the reason of teens dislike Facebook as usual is “drama’, others “ over-sharing” and to many adult users.  There is another research got similar findings. It found that the reason that Facebook is not cool in the teens is because Facebook has too many parental and adult users. Others’ “over- sharing” is also a main reason for teens not like Facebook as much as usual. However, despite Facebook is lack of cool, teenagers are still using Facebook, because “participation” is important for overall teenage socializing.

In conclusion, no matter Twitter is better than Facebook or not, we still can not leave Facebook, it is still an important part in our social media life.

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