Ways to improve your blog credibility

Do you have blogs?

images-1Do you know how many follower in your blog?

Do you know how to manage your blogs?

In the modern society, no matter individuals or organizations, blog is a good platform to show and to promote them and their businesses. Blogging is a perfect way to show people’s insights. They can share their photos, music, videos and life stories on their blogs. They also can discuss their views on anything. For organizations, blog is a useful marketing and communication platform for them to better communicate with their stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Because of more interactions, readers will learn more about companies, which can help companies to develop better relationships with their target audience.


There are some good organization blogs I found:


Embracepet is a pet insurance company. It has a blog with professional and rich content. It always frequently updated its content. In addition, their friendship connection lists all the Pet Insurance web sites of the world.


Stormhoek is a wine manufacturer. Their website is their blog. They can take advantage of blog do a very effective marketing.


Innocentdrinks was a beverage companies that founded in 1999, their websites and blog are both wonderful.

I also found the best 25 business blogs in Australia, such as 22 Michaels, Aussie Rules, Catalyst for Magic, Bluewire Media, etc.

How to manage your blogs and make them creditable?


Personal blogs:

1 Determine the theme

Determine the theme is very important. It determines whether you can keep it or not. It also determines whether readers are willing to read it or not.  As a good blog, it should have a theme.

2 updated frequently

If a blog is not updated, the value of this blog will be getting lower and lower. However, do not be updated the blog in order to update. We must ensure its quality for every update. If you just start to write a blog, maybe you will feel it is difficult to write a blog and sometimes you will mishandle your texts. However, after a few times, your writing will become smooth. You will have more sentiments on your blog.

3 Publicity

As a good personal blog, if it’s valuable for others, it does not require special publicity. Word of mouth is a good and cheap way to promote a personal blog. I found some famous personal blogs do their publicity particularly simple. They just like to see others’ blogs and to leave messages, comments and take part in these blog activities.

For most readers, they are more concerned about the blog content. A lot of people gave other blogs a connection in their blogs, so there are more people who look like this topic can know these connecting blogs.

Business blogs:

In my opinions, ways to manage business blogs are as same as personal blog’s. There are  some points should be careful about when managing a business blog.

More Engagements: If a company only uses their blog to voice their ideas without any conversation between them and their readers, then, this company are missing out on many engagement opportunities.  There are some ways to engage your readers:

Comments: Don’t close the comment section on the business blog. Give more encouragement to the blog readers to leave comments.

Question: Ask some questions to the readers in the blog, such as their thoughts about the blog posted.

No Selling: If a business blog is much more focus on selling but no useful sharing, it will be tough to engage with their readers.

Clear Theme: a good business blog must have a clear and suitable theme. Before starting a blog, it should be clearly defined a unifying theme.

there also have 7 professional tips for us to improve our blog credibility.

No matter a personal blog or a business blog, all of them need you to take time to manage them. If you can well manage your blog and make them useful and creditable, you will get many benefits from them.

More reading: http://www.localonspot.com/how-to-blog-6-fatal-mistakes-to-avoid-on-your-business-blog/




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