Don’t read comments!

Do you like reading comments? Actually, I really enjoy the comments, special read the comments on YouTube or other movie website.  Comments are the main reference for me to decide whether I will watch this video or not.  For example, I often watch a Chinese live show on YouTube, and this live show will invite different celebrities every week. Sometimes it would be every funny, but sometimes it would be boring due to the people they invited. As I don’t want to waste my time on the boring show, I always check it first to make sure it is an interesting show. Read comments first, which is effective for me. When I saw the reading’s name “ never read comment” from my lecture, I felt so surprised. I never thought about this idea before, so, today, let us talk about this.

Why we need a comment section?


As we know, there are comment sections on Internet sites, such as on blogs, news sites and social media site. There are some reasons for them to build the comment section. The main reason is that it can increase its hits, because people who left the comments will come back to see them published or not. It also provides the audience a platform to exchange their ideas and discuss issues, which can make the audience feel they are a part of the new community. Moreover, these comments can bring some new stories, source and facts to the journalists.

However, there are many people said we should void comments. And there are more bloggers, developers and designers have removed their comments forms and never looked back. Even there is a person who made a Twitter bot to remind people to not read the comments every day. Now this Twitter account has 11,000 followers,which was more popular than the man expected. So why so many people support to not to read comments? I found an article talk about a person who never wants read the comments again. “ I’m never reading the comments again” when she got a lot of anonymous comments like “You suck, bitch.” She was felt so depressed.


Most of online writers will feel so disappointed or said when they see some comments like this. If the audience is just small group and friendly, yes, it’s fine to read comments. However, if your comments have thousands of page view, you’d better not to read these comments. Because there must be have many negative comments that can destroy your mind.


In my opinion, comments section still has advantages and disadvantages. Choose blog as an example, the more popular your blog are, the more comments you will receive. As comments can build a great traffic, so it is worth to encourage them. We cannot remove the comment section only for the negative comments. So how can we face these negative comments? There are some ways to help you with your negative comments:

  • Just delete them.
  • Respond in kind words.
  • Just ignore them.

Remember that if you can’t respond in a nice way, please just keep silence and do not say anything.

We also can turn the negative comments into positives. If you face your negative comments with positive emotion and respond without anger, it is easily for you to get more respect of your readers. Sometimes, it is good for u to hear and understand other people’s point. In addition, if someone gave negative comments on your blog and criticized you or your work, you do not need to make him as a hater. There is misunderstanding between criticism and hate. Criticism sometimes is a good thing, because of it can make you become better. If one person is constantly being told he is great, bubble start to form. However, if there is someone routinely posting bad comments, you had better block him.

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