Social media affects our lives

Social media has become an essential part of our lives. It allows us to immediately get the information, to make different kinds of friends and to freely express our feelings. Social networks can help people know the whole world. Although social media is closely linked the whole world together, it has alienated our real-world relationships. When we keep in touch with friends who live far away, sometimes we ignored the person beside us.

A website named did a research about the social media in last year. It had collected some data and indicated by a chart. From this figure, we can intuitively feel the social network is truly impact our lives.From this survey, there are 24% of people said they missed important private moments as they were too busy to share on the social networks.

Every day, Facebook users spend time on the website is 10.5 billion minutes which equal to 19,963 years, and this data does not include mobile users.

Americans like to keep in touch with by their mobile network. On average, each Facebook user spends 441 minutes on the Facebook Mobile Version per month and 391 minutes on Facebook site.

Although Facebook is the American company, other countries’ users are spend more time on Facebook than Americans. Users who spend most of time on the Facebook are from Singapore, and New Zealand. Australia users and the UK users are also keen on Facebook. In addition, France, India and Brazil users are staying very long time on Facebook as well.

The research said there is 62% of people use social media to share the good news; 43% of young people use social media to share their schedule with their friends (the whole rate is 16%); 84% of people use social media for keep in touch with their foreign friends.

Only 50% of Facebook users have reached 100 or more friends.

The ratio of lying on the social media: U.S. 24%, UK 28%. Does social media reduce our loneliness? According to this survey, there are 39% of people spend time on social networks than face to face communication; 20% of people prefer text messaging and online communication rather than the opposite exchange and there are 33% of people prefer online chatting with their new friends. In a survey, when it asked about the benefits of social media, 25% of people said it can enhance their self-confidences; 26% of people said that it can promote new friendships; 83% of people said it can help shy and lonely men make new friends and 76% of people said it can help them to find old acquaintances.


As a university student, I am also keen on Facebook and Chinese Weibo. I use Facebook and Weibo every hours to chat with my friends and watch some news and information. I think I cannot imagine if my life without social media.  In my opinion, social media has many benefits affects our lives. There are two main advantages for our students:

1 Social media creates more topics for students to share with.

Social media provides more diverse access to get information and enhances the timeliness of information transmission. Because of its interactive, high participation and has a wide audience, it created a “national correspondent” era.

2 A “sharing formula” communication style can enhance mutual understanding between the students.

One of the main reasons that social media is touted is it makes everyone has rights to speak. Each one can express their views on everything, even some are their own personal information. Social media make it possible to better interact with anyone at anywhere to share information. Because of these “share experiences” from our classmates or friends, we can always understand what his (her) see and hear. It also greatly narrowed between students distance and enhance mutual understanding.

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