Social media gives everyone a chance to be a Journalist

The social media tsunami is the game changer that is significantly impacting our world of communications and challenging the current models of engagement with journalists and influencers. This change mandates that we reassess our current engagement models and the importance of individual and organizational influence. Social media is more than a phenomenon, it will not go away.  And it has created new and viral forms of influence that are changing the way purchasing decisions are made in nearly all industries. For example as a social customer hundreds of people read my reviews of hotels on and what I think of restaurants on Social media is the new word of mouth marketing platform. More importantly it has also allowed us to identify and better understand the new influencers, their followers and is enabling transformation and innovation of their business models


Thanks to the social media tsunami everybody can be a journalist. And every company can become a media company; that is if they have a culture of transparency and they have employees that can write. In my mind the questions in the bullet list below are important, but the seminal question is the influence level of traditional journalists waning?

  1. Who  is a journalist today?
  2. Who are the influencers?
  3. Whom do they influence?
  4. How do they impact your sales?
  5. How are they involved in the purchasing decision making cycle and at what stage?
  6. What are their channels of influence?

Journalism has been at a cross roads now for fifteen years, and its entire business model has been in a virtual stage of disruption since the advent of the Internet and digital media. Anybody who told you during the 1980s and 1990’s that there was a separation between church and state, (content and advertizing) has pie all over their face, especially today, because if that were true Madison Avenue would not exist. Most of the big publishing companies have not innovated their business models, and/or understood the role of digital media. Apple filled their void in some ways and now they are a publishing company of rich digital media content with news about artists. We are a visual society, video rules, and in the near future the majority of us will consume most of our digital media on a mobile device.

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China Unblocks Facebook and Twitter in Shanghai

The social media world just got a little more worldly, as China has unblocked Facebook and Twitter in Shanghai.

The Chinese government has reportedly lifted a ban on access to Facebook, Twitter and other foreign websites within the 30-square-kilometre Shanghai Free-Trade Zone. This is major news for social media users in the country who have since 2009 been prevented from directly accessing these tools, as the government considered them “politically sensitive.”

Although the ban wasn’t lifted across all of China, Shanghai is the biggest city in the world with over 23.7 million people. It is also the heart of China’s business and financial communities, both of which could benefit massively from new opportunities on Twitter and Facebook. The decision to lift the ban on these websites seems to be economically motivated, as the government is apparently looking to welcome more foreign companies and investors into China. They’re hoping having access to these popular sites will ease the transition of businesses and their employees into the country.

Dozens of homegrown networks have long filled the place of American alternatives. China is one of only 10 countries where Facebook isn’t the most popular social network. QQ, an instant messaging platform started in 1999, claims some 800 million monthly active users. But a new range of popular networking sites, many controlled by parent company Tencent Holdings, are now capturing the attention of China’s socially savvy citizens.

WeChat, launched in 2011, is a mobile platform that combines instant messaging and video calls with photo sharing and status updates. In less than three years, the network has already attracted 190 million monthly active users, a base that makes it competitive with Twitter. And it’s still growing at 25 million users per month.

Tencent Weibo, with 277 million active monthly users, is another Chinese social network that can’t be ignored (especially because it fuses the functionalities of Twitter and Facebook). Then there is is Sina Weibo, a similar microblogging service with 287 million monthly active users, including 25% of Fortune 500 companies.


The rise of these local networks is significant as it represents a trend in many parts of the worldoutside of North America. In India, the social media user base grew by about 51.7% last year, Indonesia 51.6%, Russia 11.1% and Latin America 16.3%. Much of this, at least in the case of the latter two regions, can be attributed to networks created within the countries themselves.

But nowhere is it more true than in China, where the local giants of social media haven’t really had to compete with censorship, and therefore with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. With that on the verge of changing, it will be interesting to see whether the homegrown social networks can keep a stranglehold on Chinese users. Batten down the hatches, Facebook and Twitter are coming.

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Why Twitter is better than Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular social media in the world. Do you know what is the difference between these two? Which one do you think is better? I remembered one of my friends give me an interesting explain of the difference between Facebook and Twitter. She said Facebook is used to connect with the person you went to with, however, Twitter is used to connect with the person you wished you can go to school with.

Introduction of Face book and Twitter

Facebook: Facebook is a social networking website that launched in 2004. Now it has more than one billion active users, half of Facebook users on mobile device. The features of Facebook include “Wall”, Fans, Friends, Fan pages, Groups, Live Chat, Likes, Game, etc.

Twitter: twitter is a social media that provide microblogging service launched in 2006. It enables twitter users to send text-based messages. The features of Twitter are Tweet, Retweet, Follow People, Links, Direct Messaging, etc.

So what are the main differences between Facebook and Twitter? As a Facebook and Twitter user, let me talk about the differences that I know between these two popular social medias.   There are three main differences, which are uses, privacy and advertising.

Uses: Facebook users have a variety of purposes using Facebook. It is mainly used for people to connecting with people that they already know. Users also can make a personal profile on their “Wall”. Twitter allows its users to post text under 140 characters. Twitter is mainly used to connect with other people who have the similar interests. No matter the users are know each other already or not, they also can follow celebrities’ Twitters.

Privacy: Facebook provide various selections for its users setting their privacy. Users can change each post privacy setting, such as “custom”, private and friends only. However, Twitter only has two privacy selections. One is public and another one is private. Private messages are only can be showed for the people who followed by the users.

Advertising: Facebook features advertising but Twitter doesn’t.

As both the users of Facebook and Twitters, I prefer use Twitter more than Facebook. Here are some main reasons:


Twitter can help us connect people who have similar interests:

 Twitter is not like Facebook, we don’t need send requests before we want to follow others. You can follow anyone you want and anyone interest you. You can read things that you like. You can follow Barack Obama, Cristiano Ronaldo or any celebrity you want.

Twitter is easier to use than Facebook:

Twitter is viewed complex but it is the simplest social networking site. You only get maximum 140 characters to present what you want to say. You don’t need build your personal profile, you don’t need send requests before you want to follow other people, you don’t need join any special group.

Twitter has hashtags: 

we can see many trending topics by hashtags. We can know what other people are talk about. For me, this is the most engaging part in Twitter’s features. We can follow our interested topics on Twitter.

Twitter makes me a better writer: 

With the maximum 140 characters at our disposal, we have to be smart.

Here is a man  have same ideas with me


Now, teenagers also prefer Twitter as well.The research found that Twitter is more popular than Facebook in teens. The study said that twitter became the most popular social networking for teens, followed by Facebook and Instagram.


The researcher found that the reason of teens dislike Facebook as usual is “drama’, others “ over-sharing” and to many adult users.  There is another research got similar findings. It found that the reason that Facebook is not cool in the teens is because Facebook has too many parental and adult users. Others’ “over- sharing” is also a main reason for teens not like Facebook as much as usual. However, despite Facebook is lack of cool, teenagers are still using Facebook, because “participation” is important for overall teenage socializing.

In conclusion, no matter Twitter is better than Facebook or not, we still can not leave Facebook, it is still an important part in our social media life.

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Ways to improve your blog credibility

Do you have blogs?

images-1Do you know how many follower in your blog?

Do you know how to manage your blogs?

In the modern society, no matter individuals or organizations, blog is a good platform to show and to promote them and their businesses. Blogging is a perfect way to show people’s insights. They can share their photos, music, videos and life stories on their blogs. They also can discuss their views on anything. For organizations, blog is a useful marketing and communication platform for them to better communicate with their stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Because of more interactions, readers will learn more about companies, which can help companies to develop better relationships with their target audience.


There are some good organization blogs I found:


Embracepet is a pet insurance company. It has a blog with professional and rich content. It always frequently updated its content. In addition, their friendship connection lists all the Pet Insurance web sites of the world.


Stormhoek is a wine manufacturer. Their website is their blog. They can take advantage of blog do a very effective marketing.


Innocentdrinks was a beverage companies that founded in 1999, their websites and blog are both wonderful.

I also found the best 25 business blogs in Australia, such as 22 Michaels, Aussie Rules, Catalyst for Magic, Bluewire Media, etc.

How to manage your blogs and make them creditable?


Personal blogs:

1 Determine the theme

Determine the theme is very important. It determines whether you can keep it or not. It also determines whether readers are willing to read it or not.  As a good blog, it should have a theme.

2 updated frequently

If a blog is not updated, the value of this blog will be getting lower and lower. However, do not be updated the blog in order to update. We must ensure its quality for every update. If you just start to write a blog, maybe you will feel it is difficult to write a blog and sometimes you will mishandle your texts. However, after a few times, your writing will become smooth. You will have more sentiments on your blog.

3 Publicity

As a good personal blog, if it’s valuable for others, it does not require special publicity. Word of mouth is a good and cheap way to promote a personal blog. I found some famous personal blogs do their publicity particularly simple. They just like to see others’ blogs and to leave messages, comments and take part in these blog activities.

For most readers, they are more concerned about the blog content. A lot of people gave other blogs a connection in their blogs, so there are more people who look like this topic can know these connecting blogs.

Business blogs:

In my opinions, ways to manage business blogs are as same as personal blog’s. There are  some points should be careful about when managing a business blog.

More Engagements: If a company only uses their blog to voice their ideas without any conversation between them and their readers, then, this company are missing out on many engagement opportunities.  There are some ways to engage your readers:

Comments: Don’t close the comment section on the business blog. Give more encouragement to the blog readers to leave comments.

Question: Ask some questions to the readers in the blog, such as their thoughts about the blog posted.

No Selling: If a business blog is much more focus on selling but no useful sharing, it will be tough to engage with their readers.

Clear Theme: a good business blog must have a clear and suitable theme. Before starting a blog, it should be clearly defined a unifying theme.

there also have 7 professional tips for us to improve our blog credibility.

No matter a personal blog or a business blog, all of them need you to take time to manage them. If you can well manage your blog and make them useful and creditable, you will get many benefits from them.

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Don’t read comments!

Do you like reading comments? Actually, I really enjoy the comments, special read the comments on YouTube or other movie website.  Comments are the main reference for me to decide whether I will watch this video or not.  For example, I often watch a Chinese live show on YouTube, and this live show will invite different celebrities every week. Sometimes it would be every funny, but sometimes it would be boring due to the people they invited. As I don’t want to waste my time on the boring show, I always check it first to make sure it is an interesting show. Read comments first, which is effective for me. When I saw the reading’s name “ never read comment” from my lecture, I felt so surprised. I never thought about this idea before, so, today, let us talk about this.

Why we need a comment section?


As we know, there are comment sections on Internet sites, such as on blogs, news sites and social media site. There are some reasons for them to build the comment section. The main reason is that it can increase its hits, because people who left the comments will come back to see them published or not. It also provides the audience a platform to exchange their ideas and discuss issues, which can make the audience feel they are a part of the new community. Moreover, these comments can bring some new stories, source and facts to the journalists.

However, there are many people said we should void comments. And there are more bloggers, developers and designers have removed their comments forms and never looked back. Even there is a person who made a Twitter bot to remind people to not read the comments every day. Now this Twitter account has 11,000 followers,which was more popular than the man expected. So why so many people support to not to read comments? I found an article talk about a person who never wants read the comments again. “ I’m never reading the comments again” when she got a lot of anonymous comments like “You suck, bitch.” She was felt so depressed.


Most of online writers will feel so disappointed or said when they see some comments like this. If the audience is just small group and friendly, yes, it’s fine to read comments. However, if your comments have thousands of page view, you’d better not to read these comments. Because there must be have many negative comments that can destroy your mind.


In my opinion, comments section still has advantages and disadvantages. Choose blog as an example, the more popular your blog are, the more comments you will receive. As comments can build a great traffic, so it is worth to encourage them. We cannot remove the comment section only for the negative comments. So how can we face these negative comments? There are some ways to help you with your negative comments:

  • Just delete them.
  • Respond in kind words.
  • Just ignore them.

Remember that if you can’t respond in a nice way, please just keep silence and do not say anything.

We also can turn the negative comments into positives. If you face your negative comments with positive emotion and respond without anger, it is easily for you to get more respect of your readers. Sometimes, it is good for u to hear and understand other people’s point. In addition, if someone gave negative comments on your blog and criticized you or your work, you do not need to make him as a hater. There is misunderstanding between criticism and hate. Criticism sometimes is a good thing, because of it can make you become better. If one person is constantly being told he is great, bubble start to form. However, if there is someone routinely posting bad comments, you had better block him.

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Social media affects our lives

Social media has become an essential part of our lives. It allows us to immediately get the information, to make different kinds of friends and to freely express our feelings. Social networks can help people know the whole world. Although social media is closely linked the whole world together, it has alienated our real-world relationships. When we keep in touch with friends who live far away, sometimes we ignored the person beside us.

A website named did a research about the social media in last year. It had collected some data and indicated by a chart. From this figure, we can intuitively feel the social network is truly impact our lives.From this survey, there are 24% of people said they missed important private moments as they were too busy to share on the social networks.

Every day, Facebook users spend time on the website is 10.5 billion minutes which equal to 19,963 years, and this data does not include mobile users.

Americans like to keep in touch with by their mobile network. On average, each Facebook user spends 441 minutes on the Facebook Mobile Version per month and 391 minutes on Facebook site.

Although Facebook is the American company, other countries’ users are spend more time on Facebook than Americans. Users who spend most of time on the Facebook are from Singapore, and New Zealand. Australia users and the UK users are also keen on Facebook. In addition, France, India and Brazil users are staying very long time on Facebook as well.

The research said there is 62% of people use social media to share the good news; 43% of young people use social media to share their schedule with their friends (the whole rate is 16%); 84% of people use social media for keep in touch with their foreign friends.

Only 50% of Facebook users have reached 100 or more friends.

The ratio of lying on the social media: U.S. 24%, UK 28%. Does social media reduce our loneliness? According to this survey, there are 39% of people spend time on social networks than face to face communication; 20% of people prefer text messaging and online communication rather than the opposite exchange and there are 33% of people prefer online chatting with their new friends. In a survey, when it asked about the benefits of social media, 25% of people said it can enhance their self-confidences; 26% of people said that it can promote new friendships; 83% of people said it can help shy and lonely men make new friends and 76% of people said it can help them to find old acquaintances. 继续阅读

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